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Solo Show Publications:

PRAETER TERRAM  Green Door Gallery, Brussels, 2019

A SENSE of PLACE  Cadogan Contemporary, London 2019

THE TEMPERATURE OF LIGHT   Kean University, Union, NJ 2015

THE QUIET LANDSCAPE Cadogan Contemporary, London 2015

JANISE YNTEMA   A catalogue of recent encaustic works, Brussels 2013

STILL   Cadogan Contemporary, London 2009

Group Show Publications:

REALIST & LYRICAL LANDSCAPE The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, 2020

SUMMER EXHIBITION 2020  The Royal Academy, London

NEW YEAR EXHIBITION Cadogan Contemporary, London, 2020

DEPTH PERCEPTION   TheCape Cod Museum, Dennis MA 2017

PHOTOSYNTHESIS  Julie Heller Gallery, Provincetown MA 2017

SUMMER EXHIBITION  Cadogan Contemporary, London, 2014


THE QUIET LANDSCAPE   Janise Yntema, Brussels, 2015

LE PAYSAGE TRANQUILLE  Janise Yntema, Bruxelles, 2015

ENTRE LE SILENCE ET LA LUMIERE  Janise Yntema, Bruxelles, 2013

GOTHIC LIGHT   Jaquelyn Stonberg, Phd,  Kean University, NJ 2009

THE EARLY WORK  Paintings, Drawings & Installations,  Mark Ferguson, NYC 1997

THE JOSEPHINE TABLE   Richard Kostelanetz, NYC 1990


THE VENDEENE AWARD Outstanding Contribution to the Fine Arts Encaustic Community,

International Encaustic

Director's Award, 2018 Castle HIll Center for the Arts, Truro, MA in conjunction

with the 11th International Encaustic Conference


ECOACTIVISM: Framing the Geopolitics of  Contemporary Landscape and its Representation, Brussels, 2020




R&F UNIQUE COLOR Painting the Landscape: Part 1  Ocotber 26, 2020

ART MAG.CO.UK Six Ways to See the World, David White Sept. 20, 2020

ART MAG.CO.UK   The Scottish Gallery's Realist and Lyrical Landscapes, Vivian Devlin Sept. 14, 2020

THE SCOTSMAN Arts and Culture Realist and Lyrical Landscape at the Scottish Gallery, September 25, 2020

KAROO.ME Janise Yntema Peindre la Poésie du Silence, Julien Paul Remy  April 2020

IDEELART Magazine Paint Your Abstract Collection Green, March 13, 2020

THE MENTEUR 2020 Literary & Arts Magazine, Paris School of Arts and Culture, University of Kent  

WAX FUSION Redefining Landscape, International Encaustic Artists Publication, September 2019

CADOGAN CONTEMPORARY A Sence of Place, February 26, 2019 Astrid Engström

BBC RADIO KENT The Dominic King Show, February 6, 2019

THE MENTEUR 2019 Literary & Arts Magazine, Paris School of Arts and Culture, University of Kent  

UNIVERSITY OF KENT NEWS  Janise Yntema interviewed on BBC Radio Kent, February 7

UNIVERSITY OF KENT NEWS Paris MA Student Exhibits Work in London, Dan Worth January 28, 2019

VASARI 21 Patti Smith and Seducing the Art Critic, Ann Landi, January 21 2019

PROWAX JOURNAL 21 Show Time: Exhibitions of Conference 12, Joanne Mattera, Fall 2018

PROWAX JOURNAL 20  Exhibitions of Conference 11, Deborah Winiarski, April-June 2018

WIDEWALLS Janise Yntema,  Jasmine Lark, November 16 2017

VASARI 21 The Ins and Outs of Open Studios, Ann Landi, June 5, 2017

ARTSCOPE MAGAZINE A Synergistic Blend in Ptown,  Laura Shabott, May 2 2017

CANVAS Meet Six Artists from Belgium, Daryl Gammons-Jones April 19, 2017



NOTABLE NEWSCHOOLERS Stand in the Footsteps of Groundbreakers, The New School, 2017

PAINTINGS & PROPERTY, Janise Yntema @ Echlin Design Lucasta Partridge-Hicks, November 2016

PROWAX JOURNAL  In Five Words, Debra Claffey, Curator, Issue 14 Oct 2016

WALLPAPER  Echlin Debut Kenure House, Architecture, Elie Stathaki July 15, 2016

THE ART COUCH.BE  Advies voor Kunstverzamelaars #7, Frederic De Meyer, April 2016

WIDEWALLS  Encaustic: The Ancient Painting Technique, Ksenija Pantelić, Angie Kordic & Elena Martinique

LE VIF EXPRESS.BE Le Peintre et Les Abeilles, Guy Gilsoul,  January 18, 2016

JULIETTE & VICTOR  Cap sur 2016,  Guy Gilsoul, no.52 p. 55 Decembre/Janvier, 2015/2016

WEST LONDON LIVING   March 30, 2015

WAX PAINTING   by Vinicius Guimaraes October 9, 2012


HOUSE AND GARDENS   Vol. 58 (7-12) Condé Nast Publications Limited, 2003 p. 156

SIMON GALLERY  Three Contemporary Artists. December, 1995

A.I.R. APPARENT   The Hudson Current 1995

LOST AND FOUND   The Hudson Current 1994

NAILS ‘N ROSES   The Hudson Review 1991