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Having worked exclusively with beeswax encaustic as a professional artist for over 25 years, I have the experience and knowledge to teach effectively. In 2018, I was the recipient of the International Encaustic Artists Vendéene Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Fine Art Encaustic Commu,nity. In 2019, I attended the R&F Advanced Teaching Workshop in Kingston, NY exponentially enlarging my skills in teaching and what can be possible with encaustic art.

All of my workshops include demos, personalized instruction and Powerpoint presentations to inspire and guide.

The following courses are currently available:

     An Introduction to Encaustic

          Learn techniques to begin an encaustic practice. All basics covered to include safety in the encaustic studio.

     Encaustic on Paper:

          Discover different methods of working with encaustic and paper to include Encaustiflex. Explore image transfer, suminagashi, gum      

          arabic resist, trace monotype and use of gel plate in this 3 day workshop.

     The Nuance of Landscape

          Investigate different means to designate landscape through the multi-facted qualities of encaustic.From 2D to 3D in Encaustic

          Explore encapsulation of mixed media, relief and 3D approaches to upcycling and encaustic in this 3 day workshop.

     Materiality and Encaustic: Re-Imagining the Substrate

          Expanding the concept of the substrate in encaustic art in this 4 day workshop.

     The Next Level: Sculptural Encaustic

          Learn construction techniques to achieve sublime sculptural effects higlighting the intrigue of encaustic in this 4 day workshop.

P R E V I O U S   T E A C H I N G    V E N U E S

          • Essence of Mulranny Art Studios, Ireland:

               2023 Materiality & Encaustic: Re-imagining the Substrate

          • Celtic Convergenceorary Wax Across the Water International Encaustic Artisits Encaustic Retreat

               2023 Presentation: Materiality & Encaustic• Truro Center for the Arts at Castle HIll, MA

               2023 Materiality & Encaustic: Re-imagining the Substrate

          • Castle Hill Center for the Arts, Truro MA

               2023 Materiality and Encaustic

          • The International Encaustic Conference, Provincetown, MA

               2019 Presentation: The Future of Encaustic

               2017 Presentation: The Environmental Politics of Wax

          • Kunstfreiraum, Switzerland

               2022 From 2D to 3D in Encaustic

          • Atelier Zijdelings, The Netherlands

               2022 From 2D to 3D in Encaustic

               2021 No-press printmaking with Encaustic

               2021 The Nuance of Landscape

               2019 The Nuance of Landscape


P R I V A T E   &   G R O U P   C L A S S E S  

I teach encaustic workshops in my Brussels Atelier to small groups of students, to maintain personal attention. Sessions are individually created to focus on skill level and technique. Whether for those new to encaustic needing basic introductory courses or for students interested to receive in depth guidance for specific techniques, the goal remains to help each student acquire a facility with the material towards finding their personal artistic voice.


Having shown internationally and had representation in galleries in numerous countries, I am able to offer artists unique insights into ways of developing a sustainable practice and career. I offer private portfolio reviews as well as critique towards professional development.  Portfolio reviews are accepted online and are supported with written commentary, as well as online support.

For information on upcoming sessions, please email Janise Yntema  Follow my teaching schedule and encaustic tips on instagram @ThisEncausticPractice

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  "What was my favourite part of the course?   Everything!"

      Els, Belgium

  "I enjoyed every moment!"

      Kris, The Netherlands

"An inspirational and highly motivating workshop."

      Ing, The Netherlands

"An expert teacher!"

     ,Marion  The Netherlands

"A fabulous and inspiring workshop!"

      Lia, Belgium